NetWork Sales & Marketing began doing business in 1996 as a four-person company. Our company history though really dates back to 1924. NetWork was born out of the oldest rep firm in the country, Mel Foster Company, when the current owner, Gene Foster, decided to retire. It was one of his desires to see what he had worked to build continue to grow. After separating from Mel Foster Company we started by representing a handful of top-tier vendors with numerous tertiary lines filling out our list. In our eleven-year history we have grown our business and established NetWork as one of the very top representative companies in our territory.

We are very systematic in our approach to growing our business. We are not interested in short-term relationships with manufacturers. We look for partnerships that will last. We take an approach to the market that produces the desired long-term sales results over showing big success at the beginning and then fading over time. Historically we have been very successful in developing an organized and profitable market for both our customers and manufacturers. This opportunity requires that we take time to focus, plan, and add the necessary people.

NetWork is now a nine-person company. We offer a strength-in-numbers approach to the market that our competition cannot match. We endeavor to be adept in all channels of our industry. In our territory we strive to be proficient in Big Box Retail, Commercial & Consumer Contracting, AV and M.I Over-the-Counter Retail, Touring, Rental, Studio, and Business-to-Business because it is a matter of our survival. In each of our relationships we seek to be involved from the earliest time possible in all initiatives and projects. We bring substance and value to every level of customer and that is why we are top-of-mind with our customers when they seek input.

One reason we are able to gain the share we have is because we offer our customers multiple sales contacts within our company and we have the most competent and professional inside sales staff in the entire industry. When our customers have questions or issues they get answers and resolution real-time. If they do get voicemail they know a return call is imminent. Our commitment to our customer opens the door to our manufacturers for a business relationship.

Our commitment to our people is the same as our commitment to our Vendor partners. We pay our people top dollar and, in return, we expect results. Our approach is more egalitarian as a result of giving as much responsibility as the individuals need to accomplish their job. Our Principals know that and appreciate the fact they can get the answers and results desired from every employee at NetWork.

To further our collective capabilities we educate whenever possible. We have sent people to C.P.M.R. Certification and EDI trainings. We have not only taken Syn-Aud-Con classes, we have twice hosted and sponsored Pat Brown here to make it easier for our customer base to improve their knowledge base.

The fact we have represented some manufactures for over twenty years testifies to the success of our approach. We treat these relationships with as much attention and energy today as we did at the beginning.

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